The City Council House (Rådhuset)



The City Council House, completed in 1837, was originally the Town Hall. Located inside the building was a celebrated restaurant, refreshments room and storage room for the city’s accounts. On the top floor was the large banquet hall, Knutssalen. Here hung the mirrors and chandeliers from 1824 designed by Professor G. Fr. Hetsch from the Copenhagen Academy of Art.  

The city administration eventually became too crowded and in 1882, it was suggested that the Town Hall should be demolished and replaced with a new City Council House. The proposal was considered too costly but it was decided to rebuild the Town Hall and make it the City Council House. This new building would accommodate the City Council, the City Court, the magistrate’s office, the police and other activities. This took place in 1899-1900 and was designed by architect AB Jakobsson.